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Year-Round or Traditional School Schedules? What do you think?

Published on July 12, 2017

As far as I can tell, everyone I have ever met is either at the beach right now, planning a trip to the beach, or just got back from the beach. Summer is prime time for vacations in general. Kids are out of school, the skies are blue, and really it’s too hot to do a whole lot of productive stuff anyway.

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Who Holds the Key to Chronic Absence? Parents.

Published on June 30, 2017

A child attends school anywhere between 175-180 days a year, and some absences are to be expected in the case of illness, family emergencies, etc… but did you know that missing just two days a month can hinder your child’s education?

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6 Books for Teachers at the Beach

Published on June 20, 2017

Many of us are beach people, however that can mean two vastly different things. For some people that means fun, sun, and water, while for the rest of us it means shade and a good book.

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To Text or Call? Choose the Right Tool for Contacting Parents

Published on June 15, 2017

It’s easy to feel like we live in the future. The science fiction of our childhood is now the reality of our daily lives.

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Three Ways SchoolStatus Can Help Keep At-Risk Students on Track

Published on June 07, 2017

At-risk. It’s a catchy term in education. It’s a scary term to most.

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Don't Let Dirty Data Sabotage Your Curriculum Planning

Published on May 26, 2017

As a school administrator, few things are as stressful as curriculum mapping and trying to adjust the curriculum using dirty data and without updated measures of academic progress.

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Want to get past conflicting personalities? Engage MORE, not less. 

Published on May 23, 2017

Have you ever met someone and right off the bat, you knew you weren’t going to jive with this person?

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Are Tracking and Retention as Helpful as We Thought?

Published on May 18, 2017

What happens when you've been doing something for a long time and then you realize evidence completely contradicts your efforts?

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How Do Teachers Get Stellar Test Results? They Train

Published on May 15, 2017

I started to seriously run when my sister challenged me to run a marathon with her. I ran the marathon, she didn’t.

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What IS Teacher Appreciation? It's Like Finding Money in Your Pocket

Published on May 05, 2017

Once, while out for a jog, I found $5 on the side of the road and I am pretty sure I said “SWEET!” out loud.

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